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20 Apr 2016

Completion of Gas Suppression System Installation for Saria Group

Following completion of an extensive programme of fire stopping and fire door installation/replacement in respect of fire safety compliance for the Group at their Sarval and Secanim By-Product Processing Plants throughout the country; Interseal UK have now successfully completed the first installation of a fire detection and gas suppression system for them at their Sarval Nuneaton Plant. The works incorporated the prior air sealing of the Server room which also required the installation of a new MF Ceiling as part of that process.

We have supplied and installed the HFC227ea Fixed Fire Extinguishing System, designed is in accordance with EN15004 – 1:2008 with the design concentration based on the Higher Hazard Class A concentration of 8.5% for HFC-227ea.

Held under a pressure of 25 bar of Nitrogen, this is a contained liquid within a range of different sized Cylinders to suit the size of room. On activation the agent is forced at very high pressure through the pipe network, to restrictive calculated nozzles. As the agent is forced through the nozzles, it turns into a gas form and fully floods the given area and any associated voids floor and ceiling. Known in the trade as “3 dimensional” this agent quickly seeks its target area by lowering the areas general oxygen level to a point where a person can still breathe but the fire cannot. This is a guaranteed extinguishant that is 3rd party tested and approved world-wide.

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